Soft Wash Roof

Professional Roof Cleaning To Remove Gloeocapsa magma

Gloeocapsa magma is a bacterial species which have the ability of photosynthesize and they can also photolyze water and produce gases such as oxygen. In the past few decades they gained a lot of attention as they are spread throughout the United States as well as in Canada and they are responsible for creating black stains and streaks on roofs. The bacteria accumulate over time as it feeds on moisture and calcium carbonate. This accumulation begins to show the black stains as the bacteria develop their dark and hard UV-protective outer coating and if left untreated for a long period of time they can cause significant damage on roofs such as premature aging, rotting, and/or granule loss. The recommended treatment and cleaning method for Gloeocapsa magma is soft washing in combination with cleaning solutions such as sodium hypochlorite and copper sulfate. Many cleaning professionals offer this method of cleaning for Gloeocapsa magma as this will avoid costly damage to the structure of the roof and it is essential for proper roof maintenance.


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