Your home is one of the most valuable investments that you have made! It is best to trust the cleaning/washing upkeep of your home’s exterior to a professional who is skilled in the knowledge and efficiency of completing gutter cleaning in the safest and effective manner.

My Guy Services is the local gutter and exterior cleaning company you can trust to do the job right. Our employees undergo 40 hours of classroom education and 40 hours of on-site training to prepare for our services.

Gutter Cleaning in Indianapolis Communities

Your gutters are an integral part of your home and can cause a lot of damage if they are not properly maintained. It’s best to perform gutter maintenance one to two times a year — once in the fall and preferably once in the spring. Completing this maintenance prevents costly damage caused by clogged gutters.

When we arrive at your house for a gutter cleaning, you can expect the utmost respect and care from our team. While we work on your property, we stay clean and organized so that your home is safe. We also keep all our equipment out of the way for the security of your family and friends. The result is perfectly maintained gutters to last your family through the coming months.

Downspout Cleaning

My Guy Services takes pride in staying abreast of the gutter cleaning and downspout cleaning techniques that allow us to clean your gutters and downspouts in a safer manner than that of the past and outdated techniques. Using the most advanced equipment we will clear your gutters and downspouts of blockages, keeping your system flowing freely and properly. We offer our gutter cleaning and downspout cleaning services throughout the greater Indianapolis area and look forward to helping keep your home looking it’s best. If you’re looking for gutter cleaning near you, contact My Guy today!

Before and After Clogged Gutter Cleaning

Why Clean Your Gutters Every Year?

There are several reasons why you should have your gutters cleaned once or twice a year. Some of these include preventing:

  • Structural damage. Clogged gutters cause water to overflow. Instead of being directed away from your home, this water ends up flowing down the sides of your house to the ground. If you experience a severe rainstorm or enough snow has melted, this water can overwhelm your home and cause cracks in the foundation.
  • Critter and bug problems. The buildup of leaves, twigs and dirt is a welcoming area for small creatures such as birds, mosquitoes and mice. Without regular maintenance, these animals can nest in your gutters, which encourages infestations and puts stress on the gutters themselves.
  • Bracket damage. When you have clogged gutters, the weight of dirt, branches and leaves could push the gutters over their limits. This weight could easily bend or snap brackets, causing parts of your gutters to fall.
  • Roof trouble. Having clogged gutters means that water can overflow onto the roof. Water trapped on the roof causes severe damage and rot to your roofing materials. Lingering amounts of water can even weaken your roof to such a degree that you experience leaking.

If you think your rain gutters need cleaning, avoid doing it yourself. Cleaning gutters on your own is a dangerous and time-consuming task. Trust the professionals at My Guy Services to do the job meticulously and efficiently. Our roof and gutter cleaning company has the equipment, knowledge and experience to keep your Indianapolis home in top shape.

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Why My Guy Services?

  • Continuous Industry Training
  • State of the Art Technology & Equipment
  • Safety First Mindset On All Projects
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Agents
  • Customer First, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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