Commercial Christmas Light Installation in Indianapolis

Commercial Christmas Light Installation in Indianapolis

Christmas Light Installation in and Around Indianapolis

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Holiday lights are an attractive way to showcase your property, and with the proper setup, your commercial building can become a beacon of holiday cheer that will draw customers in. However, managing the installation on your own can be a hassle. At My Guy Services, we know the importance of setting up your holiday display quickly so that you can take advantage of every business opportunity during this crucial time of year.

Whether you want a simple or extravagant light display, My Guy Services can help. Contact us to learn more about illuminating your business this holiday season.

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Commercial Christmas Light Installation in Indianapolis

Why Bring Holiday Magic to Your Business?

Commercial Christmas light installation in Indianapolis can help you create a memorable experience for everyone who sees your business. Additional benefits include:

  • Boost foot traffic and business visibility: Adding some festive flair to your exterior can draw more customers to your store or office, allowing you to increase revenue as the holidays approach.
  • Increase holiday spirit and customer engagement: Proper lights will create a festive atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer in your store, which may result in more sales.
  • Amplify brand image and reputation: Lighting up your business with festive lights can help you stand out and attract new customers.
  • Improve customer experience: Using your light display to make your commercial building more inviting can improve the overall shopping experience at your business.
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Upgrade Your Holiday Spirit With My Guy Services

My Guy Services has the know-how and experience to make your holiday season successful. With light installation services designed to highlight your location, we will help you:

  • Save time and effort: Let us handle the details of your commercial holiday light installation and removal in Indianapolis so that you can focus on other tasks. We provide everything you need to get the job done right — from the lights to installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Receive a personalized holiday display: Get the perfect holiday lights for your business with unique lighting options, from classic white lights to bright colors customized to fit your business’s needs and style.
  • Enjoy professional installation: By hiring professionals to install industrial-grade Christmas lights for your building, you can focus on what matters most this time of year — friends, family and celebrating the holidays in style.
  • Spread holiday cheer: After installation, Santa will visit to take photos which adds an additional element of holiday magic that everyone in your community will enjoy.

Check out our Christmas light designs!

City of Franklin for Discover Franklin Annual Christmas light show is always a favorite! With over 5,000 people that come to the lighting of the tree, this is a town staple! My Guy Services installed 75 trees this year for the city of Franklin. Some being branch wrapped and others being truck wrapped with spritzers hanging from the trees. The marquee light ceremony is the lighting of the court house. My Guy Services installs 8 strands of lights that go up to the top of the clock tower on the building. The project was done at night and was completed in just 4 days.

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Commercial Christmas Light Installation in Indianapolis

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Since 2012, My Guy Services has worked closely with municipalities, casinos and other commercial building owners to provide exterior cleaning services. Now, we’re proud to offer commercial lighting installation and removal to help you get the most out of your holiday display, starting with a custom photo edit that shows you precisely what your lights will look like after our team arranges them.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation in Indianapolis

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Our commercial holiday lighting installation services can help you tap into the holiday cheer without needing to spend much time or effort. Request a quote today to benefit from our skilled workers and easy process or contact us to learn more.

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