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My Guy Services offers limestone cleaning services as part of our commercial pressure washing solutions. We’re the leaders in pressure washing, soft washing and cleaning business property in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our trained technicians have intensive in-class and on-site training along with the latest tools and technology to tackle any limestone or commercial pressure washing job. As the industry leader in Indianapolis, My Guy knows how to wash a range of masonry, including limestone, without causing damage. We clean correctly and thoroughly to protect your limestone structures and keep your commercial space cleaner longer. No job is too large or complex for our team, so choose My Guy and not that guy.

What You Need to Know About Limestone Cleaning in Indianapolis

Limestone is a carbonate sedimentary rock often used for fountains, masonry, monuments, statues and buildings. It’s a softer rock, meaning it requires added attention during the cleaning process to prevent crumbling and damage.

Limestone can become stained and discolored due to algae, hard water, graffiti, black carbon, metallic deposits, smoke and other debris, creating an unattractive and uneven look. Proper cleaning can keep the stone intact while maintaining a fresh appearance.

My Guy Services uses a soft washing technique ideal for limestone. Since we specialize in exterior washing, we know how to address the various stains that can affect your limestone. Our soft washing process helps remove active algae growth, allowing your structures to stay cleaner for longer. Our equipment can spray up to 40 feet from the ground. We’re often able to clean buildings without a ladder, which speeds up the process and lets you enjoy your clean space faster.

My Guy Can Clean All Your Commercial Limestone Structures

The My Guy Services team is qualified to tackle all your projects. We offer:

  • Power washing and Soft Washing for limestone mausoleums: Our professional team can take care of sensitive sites, such as gravestones, cemetery structures and mausoleums.
  • Limestone monument pressure washing and soft washing: Monuments often require extra care. My Guy has experience working with older and delicate monuments.
  • Limestone fountain soft washing and power washing: Our team can clean algae and other stains from limestone fountains so they sparkle again.
  • Church limestone masonry power washing and soft washing: Limestone on places of worship requires extra sensitivity and care. Our team has washing techniques to help preserve your structure.
  • Limestone statue washing and soft washing: Statues made from limestone can be large with hidden crevices where debris gathers. My Guy has the expertise to tackle these precision jobs.

If your commercial limestone structure needs cleaning, don’t call just any guy. Contact My Guy to learn more about our services and request an estimate today.

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Why My Guy Services?

  • Continuous Industry Training
  • State of the Art Technology & Equipment
  • Safety First Mindset On All Projects
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Agents
  • Customer First, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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