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What is Soft Washing? What does that mean?

Though this isn’t a new technique, Soft-Washing is something you only find with the best Pressure Washing companies in our industry. Yes, we still use a pressure washer, However this method allows us to provide our clientele amazing exterior cleaning results at a lower PSI, or Pounds Per Square Inch. In using this method, it allows us to eliminate any potential for DAMAGE that pressure washing under a high PSI can cause. The great thing about this method is, It is absolutely safe and very effective for cleaning any surface that we encounter. Whether we’re cleaning siding, stucco, EIFS, brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum, and wood, we can clean it all. With the combination of Highly trained technicians and Low Pressure systems, We make a custom, proprietary, environmentally safe cleaning solution for each property’s specific cleaning needs.


Hire a Professional or Do it myself?

Many home owners and business owners have a tough time deciding whether or not it’s worth their money to hire a professional. While taking on the project at hand sounds like an option that may be tempting, there are numerous things to consider when you Pressure wash your property DIY style.

Here are 10 things you have to consider:


  • Can you trust somebody who has little to no training with a pressure washer? Have you yourself had training with a pressure washer?
  • Is having access to the tools you need an issue?
  • Is the level of quality in the cleaning important to you? Are your skills able to perform at that level?
  • Considering you have all the tools and all the training… Will you have the time to complete the project? (Even when you estimate this time figure, it is best practice to double or even triple the time, unless you are familiar and highly skilled with that particular DIY project.)
  • Would it bother you if the project were to remain unfinished for a lengthy period of time?
  • If the project creates a lot of stress at home or in the work place, is this something you want to deal with?
  • Are you prepared for the worst if the project goes wrong? (Contractors do not like taking on a botched DIY job,due to the nature of it’s complexity)
  • Are you aware of any safety precautions you need to take when you start this project? (If you do not have fall protection restraints, Don’t get on the roof. Similarly, if you don’t know much about electricity—leave it to the professional. If you’re not careful, jobs can cause serious injury and potentially fatal if not performed correctly. Your safety and health should come as a first priority)
  • Is this project being done DIY because of financial reasons? If this hold true, have you considered all of your costs, including the cost of tools you don’t have, your time, and the materials needed for the job? You should also want to consider the cost to correct any mistakes that are made. Will it still be a cost-saving venture?
  • If you are trying to tackle the job at hand for your own satisfaction—can you ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the job “well done”? If it turns out to be a disaster, how will you feel? Will you have any money left in your budget to correct any damages done to your home?

If “NO” was the answer to most of these questions, It’s ok. You’re not alone. Don’t risk your life or damage your property. Call us for a professional consultation and ensure that you get the work done with little headaches and ultimately, get it done right. Call My Guy – TODAY!

Do you need to be home for our services?

Most of our customers are not at their home when we perform our services, but please remember to clear your driveway, put away fragile decorations, and close all of your windows prior to our service.

Are we fully insured?

Yes. We have full liability insurance for all work performed and for all our vehicles at a job site.

Our Service Guarantee
You’ll Love Our Service or We’ll PAY YOU!

It’s pretty simple really.  If you aren’t happy with your service for any reason, just let us know.  We’ll refund your original price, plus 10%.


One reason: You deserve the best.  If you aren’t happy, then we’ve failed to deliver what we promised.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves as a team to deliver the best service in the industry.

We are willing to not only put your money, but OURS where our mouth is.  My Guy Services is the only cleaning company in Indianapolis that stands behind it’s work to this level.

We only ask a couple of things from you:

  1. Notify us promptly, and in detail, about your concerns.
  2. Give us an opportunity to make it right with you.

That’s it.  No gimmicks, no fine print, no games.  It is our hope that every customer we serve becomes a customer for life.  We want the same for you.

Quotation Marks

Our Amazing Reviews

"One of the things that impressed me was that Sam, himself, came out to do the work because his staff was at another site. Most business owners wouldn't do that but instead would reschedule. His communication as to what time he would be there and whether there would be a delay was excellent. We all have been there with the "between the hours of ......" song and dance so being told an exact time was great. After the work was completed, I appreciated the explanation of what was done and what I could do to help with the maintenance of my vinyl siding. I plan on definitely using My Guy Services again."


- Michelle R.

"We tried for a month and a half to get someone to come clean our gutters and were told multiple times that we were "on the list", but never got a date of service from another company. I called multiple other agencies that would not even answer their phones until I reached My Guys. I called and immediately got an answer, a quote, and a date of service. I received email updates about my appointment, and they did a spectacular job! They take before and after pictures, and even let us know of potential problems on our roof. We will definitely be using them for all if or gutter cleaning in the future!"


- Marie H

"Fantastic Communication!! great customer service, They came out and cleaned my exterior house . I didn't even know they were there. They sent an invoice with before and after pics. (i love this) I will absolutely be calling them again and recommending them to my family and neighbors. A++++++ Service!!"


- Kim R

"My Guy showed up as scheduled on a Saturday morning and washed the exterior of my home. They did an amazing job getting 10+ years of Indiana weather off of my property. My Guy is amazing!!!"


- John C.

"My Guy Services, LLC is by far one of the most professional service companies I have had the pleasure of working with. His team is excellent at communicating what should be expected while the service is being completed. They always provide a schedule ahead of time so there are no surprises. They are great for large and small projects of all kinds."


- Barrie P.

"My Guy Services, LLC are professionals, capable of delivering on their word! They offer competitive prices! I guarantee that you will not find a better deal out there! We are absolutely pleased with the services they provided!"


- Victoria T.

"Professional, prompt, efficient, and the outcome is a sparkling clean house. I had washed the outside of my house myself in the past but it was very difficult and I was happy to hire My Guy Services to help me. They were able to give me a quote on the phone based on the size of my house. They were able to come out quickly and get the work done. It took two Guys less than two hours what I did over a weekend of work. Money well spent. Thank you for a sparkling clean house!"


- Theresa W.

"WOW! I purchased my home on a lovely wooded lot 4 years ago. Spring, summer, fall, there is always something dropping from the trees. There was moss on the roof in places, the exterior was dusty and dirty and the gutters were turning black. In 3-4 hours, My Guy Services had my home looking better than the day I bought it. They did a roof and whole house wash. It was worth every penny. There is a serious WOW! factor. My gutters are white again. My whole home looks great! The guys were nice, friendly and reviewed what services they were providing. It was a pleasure to work with them. I’m adding them to my preferred handyman list"


- Charleen P.

"My Guys never disappoints! They were able to fit ya into their schedule quickly, arrived on time and did an excellent job cleaning up our house, porches and sidewalk, making them all look renewed! Thanks so much, and we will keep coming back to you."


- Megan K.

"Ben and Sam are two of the nicest guys in the industry. You know their sincerity from the moment you meet them. I highly recommend My Guy to anyone in need of their services. The job will be done honestly and professionally!"


- Ryan A.