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If your apartment complex needs exterior cleaning, don’t trust the job to just anyone. Some companies may say they can clean the siding, sidewalks or windows, but the proof is in the quality and professionalism of their work. For both those qualities and more, trust the industry-leading apartment exterior cleaning company – My Guy Services.

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Apartment Exterior Cleaning in Indianapolis

My Guy Services provides professional apartment exterior cleaning, pressure washing services to remove the dirt, debris and algae that keeps your apartment complex from looking it’s best. My Guy Services in Indianapolis, IN, has been partnering with apartment complexes for years – and we appreciate that your property needs are unique. As a result, we develop an outside apartment cleaning plan with your apartment complex’s help, so we know what you need and how to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our services are customized to your property and include professional, courteous technicians; service scheduled around your needs; and satisfaction guaranteed. From the moment we arrive at your property, we guarantee we will perform our services in a respectful and organized manner. We also work hard not to disrupt your residents’ daily routines. All our equipment, vehicles and workers are trained to be efficient and accommodate those living in the area.

Don’t trust just any guy to perform apartment complex pressure washing services. Call a reliable outside apartment cleaner – My Guy Services.

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Apartment Breezeway Cleaning in Indianapolis

Clean breezeways can attract new residents and make current residents feel happier about their environment, increasing your chances of lease renewals. With apartment upkeep involving many ongoing variables and tasks, hiring professionals to maintain an ideal appearance offers an easy and convenient solution. The experts at My Guy Services provide pressure washing services to clean breezeway floors for you. 

Sometimes valet trash may leave a mess or dirt. Plus, spider webs, wasp nests, mildew and mold may naturally build up on a breezeway’s concrete floors. Regular cleaning can restore a walkway and create a safer, more attractive surface for residents who travel through the area several times a day. Our cleaning methods keep water only on the exterior where it’s needed to protect your building units and community.

When you need your breezeway pressure washed, hiring experts is best. Throughout our process, our high-quality equipment produces a high volume of water with gentle pressure to clean a surface. As a result, properties stay clean for extended periods, with any growth or bacteria killed and thoroughly rinsed away. Altogether, our skilled processes provide you with the following benefits:

  • An aesthetically pleasing area
  • A healthy environment
  • Prevention of structural damage
  • Savings from fewer repairs and replacements
  • Injury prevention by removing slippery grime
  • Pest control with surfaces free of food and spills

My Guy Services is happy to provide a breezeway cleaning service as needed once or multiple times a year. With an inspection, we can look at the area and figure out the best cleaning schedule for you, or show up to get the job done when you need us to restore your community sooner.

Apartment Power Washing

Apartment AC Coil Cleaning in Indianapolis

A fully functional air conditioning system is necessary for all residents. Clean, clog-free coils are integral to a system’s cooling process. AC coil cleaning services from My Guy Services can assess the AC units in your buildings and determine the best cleaning method to restore their performance.

If your AC coils only have loose dirt and cobwebs, compressed air can dislodge them. Our professionals clean the coils safely and effectively with the proper air pressure levels. Coils with a substantial buildup of dirt and grime may require a complete wash of the evaporator and condenser coils. Our experts take proper care of AC materials, such as copper tubing and aluminum fins, with a safe and powerful washing solution during the removal.

After using our evaporator coil cleaning services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, your AC system’s evaporator coils can better absorb heat inside the building while the condenser coils transfer heat outdoors. Some benefits of a pristine, restored system include:

  • Lower utility costs
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased refrigerant stability
  • Optimal cooling performance
  • Extended AC system life span
  • Reduced need for service calls

Regularly scheduled coil cleaning services keep your AC systems functioning at maximum efficiency. With every apartment building being different, the frequency of the cleanings depends on your environment. Generally, we recommend having your units professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Expert Apartment Cleaners

Our outside building cleaning services will safely remove dirt, debris, algae and staining – leaving your property looking as close to new as possible. My Guy Services utilizes the latest soft washing and pressure washing technology to effectively restore curb appeal to exterior surfaces, from vinyl to brick, concrete to stucco, and dryvit to stone.

Our apartment exterior cleaning services can do more than just clean your buildings. We can clean your sidewalks, concrete dumpster pads, and pool patio areas.  We even perform gutter and downspout cleaning. If your roof has developed black streaks, we can also clean those to leave your roof looking brand new. The moment you arrive after our work is done, you’ll instantly see a difference in the look and feel of your property.

Your apartment complex’s appearance makes an impression on current and potential residents. When you need apartment complex power washing services, trust a professional apartment exterior cleaning company to do the job right. For when you need apartment exterior cleaning services, you now know a guy….. My Guy Services in Indianapolis.

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If you need exterior cleaning in or near Indianapolis, you have a guy, My Guy! As an industry leader, our team is proud to provide professional, affordable home cleaning services to help you save and keep the community you love clean.

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