Christmas Light Ideas to Brighten Your Home's Exterior

Christmas Light Ideas to Brighten Your Home’s Exterior


Christmas Light Ideas to Brighten Your Home's Exterior

It's not truly Christmas unless the outside of your home is brightly decorated with lights. Whether you enjoy bold and bright colors to dazzle and astound or prefer the simple yet elegant aura of warm, white lights, Christmas lights add a festive holiday atmosphere to any home.

Explore the many different ideas for Christmas lights so you can decide on the best option for this holiday season.

Types of Lights

The type of lights you display will have a different effect on how your house is illuminated. The size, color, power source and style will all impact your desired look. For example, multi-colored, battery-powered string lights may not be as bright as white icicle lights that are plugged in using an extension lead. You can try combining different types of lights to really stand out in your neighborhood.

Examples of lights to choose from include:

  • Solar-powered lights: These lights are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Even so, they require many hours of continuous sunlight to maximize their capacity for usage.
  • LED lights: LEDs are typically preferred since they provide more hours of use and are cost-effective.
  • Incandescent lights: These popular options are relatively inexpensive but might not last as long.

String or Twinkle Lights

You may have heard “string lights” and “twinkle lights” used interchangeably, but they have slightly different effects.

String lights are among the most common and popular Christmas lights. They are petite yet add a whimsical touch to any part of your home, whether inside or outside. String lights are available in various colors as well as warm or ice white, and some options may flicker periodically. They are arranged on a string with a spacing of about 5 inches between each light.

Twinkle lights sparkle or flicker and are also colorful or ice-white. They create the effect of shiny stars on a Christmas tree by twinkling sporadically, creating a natural, elegant look and feel with a softer glow.

Icicle Lights

These lights that resemble hanging icicles will turn your porch into a winter wonderland, whether you opt for smaller or larger sizes. They are available in a twinkle-like style on a wire that can be draped or wrapped around your porch posts.

Snowflake Lanterns

Snowflake lanterns create a warm ambiance and look beautiful on a home's exterior. They are made of highly durable materials to withstand the harsh elements. They also come in smaller, string-light versions to create an illusion of falling snowflakes when hung vertically in close succession.

Light Positioning

Light Positioning

Where you place your lights is important. There are nearly endless ways to express your creativity when deciding where to hang Christmas lights. At the same time, it's important to keep safety in mind. Using ladders to climb your roof or access hard-to-reach places is dangerous, so it's best to leave it to the professionals to complete the installation for you.

Here are a few ideas on how you can position your chosen Christmas lights for optimal festivity.


Whether you're opting for icicle lights or snowflakes on a string, make sure each light is evenly spaced on the string itself and when placed alongside other strings. Horizontal wires are easier since they won't become cluttered — you'll likely only hang one string at a time. From a design perspective, it's a good idea to avoid hanging too many next to each other vertically.


You can't go wrong by wrapping your string lighting around your porch posts or trees. The twirling, flowing effect will add character and charm to your home's exterior. Use smaller, dainty lights like twinkle or icicle lights since they flash at a steady, almost hypnotizing pace.


Draped or hung lights add a touch of romance and elegance, especially when they create an arch over your doorway. You can keep it simple with one string draped throughout, or create a mixture of lights hung on various sections of your porch, door, windows and between trees. Either way, you are sure to receive numerous complements for your creativity and style.


To add to your Christmas light ideas for your front porch or yard, consider adorning the outside of your home with accents that will enhance the light's beauty. You can create an immersive holiday scene by adding:

  • Wreaths
  • Bows
  • Bells
  • Trees
  • Snowmen
  • Elves
  • And more!

Let My Guy Services Take Care of Your Christmas Light Installations

We want you to enjoy the holiday season, trimmings and all. That's why we can install your preferred Christmas lights at the start of the festive season and remove them in January. Our team can also complete a virtual demonstration of how your house will look outside with different lighting. On installation day, we can even send Santa Claus to do the job himself! Now that's reliable, quality service.

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Let My Guy Services Take Care of Your Christmas Light Installations