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In any industry, appearances matter. Owners and property managers of parking garages know this better than anyone. As customers drive by your building, they immediately decide whether to park at your garage or continue looking for another. Put your best foot forward by maintaining a clean, high-quality parking garage.

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Parking Garage Cleaning in Indianapolis

Effective, long-lasting concrete and asphalt cleaning requires extensive measures to break down dirt and grime and kill contaminant growth on the spot. For parking deck managers in Indianapolis and the surrounding area, My Guy provides eco-friendly concrete cleaning services like pressure washing and soft washing at an affordable rate. Our team is fully insured, and we’ll take measures to ensure your property’s safety while removing buildup and preventing further growth.

Work with My Guy to benefit from trained professionals with access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide a thorough cleaning for parking decks of any size.

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Preserve Appearances

When you hire My Guy to clean your parking garage, you’re investing in your potential to attract new customers. As people drive by your deck looking for a place to park, they’re going to choose the garage they determine to be worth their trust. A clean, well-polished exterior will show passersby that your facility is cared for and safe. Removing dirt, mold and other buildup from your garage’s exterior is a way to show pride for your garage as well as your commitment to customers.

A sparkling-clean exterior will also help your parking deck stand out among the competition. When people visit Indianapolis, they have lots of choices for where to park their vehicle. Clean concrete is literally brighter than a grimy, mold-covered building. With My Guy concrete washing services, you’ll catch drivers’ attention and boost traffic to your garage.

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Maintain Quality

Beyond affecting your garage’s visual appeal, grime can cause structural damage to your walls, floor and ceiling. Mold, mildew, algae and other contaminants are living organisms that must eat to survive. The grimy particles covering your parking garage feed off the minerals in your walls and pavement.

Prolonged exposure to harmful residue will cause your garage’s infrastructure to break down and crack, costing you money and resulting in downtime for your parking deck. Your garage may even damage a customer’s vehicle, setting your business back in terms of public opinion. Sometimes, you may need to repave your damaged concrete. Once you do, schedule regular cleanings to maintain your high-quality parking garage that the community can trust.

About the My Guy Cleaning Process

At My Guy, we are the local experts in all things exterior cleaning. We will run your parking deck through the most effective cleaning procedures to eliminate bacteria and keep it away. We’ll start with a pre-treatment to loosen unwanted particles, then rinse the concrete for surface-level cleaning. Next, we’ll attack dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places where it truly lives using soap and other chemicals. Your parking garage will look better than ever inside and out, and your surfaces will have a renewed grip to prevent people and cars from slipping.

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