Pressure washing can be a useful and effective method of cleaning your home’s exterior. However, while extremely beneficial, it should not be used on every available surface. As pressure washing can easily cause damage at high pressures or against weak surfaces, these are five things that should never be pressure washed around your property.

  1. Electrical Panels and Meters

Water and electricity do not make a a good combination; therefore, keep your pressure washer away from any electronics. While outdoor panels and meters are capable of withstanding rain, the high pressure of pressure washers can force moisture into the machinery, causing significant damage.

2. Asphalt Shingles

Pressure washing asphalt shingles can erode the granules on the shingles that help protect your home. Additionally, pressure washing a roof is generally unsafe, as the combination of intense pressure and heights is likely to cause accidents.

3. Lead Paint

Lead paint chips that get stripped off from pressure washing do not break down in your soil. Additionally, they can contain harmful toxins. If you are removing lead paint, use another, more controlled method in order to collect all of the paint chips securely.

4. Old Brick Mortar

Old brick mortar, and other loose structural material, can be knocked loose by the intense pressure from a pressure washer. In order to keep a strong foundation for your home, a pressure washer should not be used to clean these materials.

5. Vehicles

Pressure washing can damage your vehicles in a variety of different ways, such as causing dents and scratches, or even cause rust. It’s far safer to wash your car using a more traditional method than to turn to a pressure washer.

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