Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

5 Things You Should Never Pressure-Wash

Power washing your home can keep it secure and looking great from season to season. However, if you are interested in performing a do-it-yourself (DIY) pressure washing job on your home, there are a few recommendations to know first. For example, you should avoid some materials and objects during the cleaning process.

Follow our five pressure washer tips to keep your home clean and intact.

1. Electric Panels and Meters

Your home’s electric panels and meters are critical to the smooth operation of your residence. These are also things you shouldn’t power-wash. These tools are on the exterior of your home and can withstand rain and snowstorms. However, the power of a pressure washer can force water into parts of your panels and meter that rainstorms cannot reach. Spraying water into these areas can result in damage to your electricity and some potentially costly repairs.

2. Asphalt Shingles

Pressure washing a roof is already dangerous, and spraying asphalt shingles only worsens the situation. Your asphalt shingles contain a granular layer made of crushed rock, which protects the shingles from ultraviolet (UV) rays and increases your roof’s fire resistance. The power of a pressure washer can easily chip away and eradicate this granular layer, damaging your asphalt shingles and weakening your roof.

3. Lead Paint

Lead paint is a hazard, especially to young children. If you have lead paint, never attempt to remove it with your pressure washer. The water can spray lead particles into the air, which can be ingested by nearby people, including yourself. If your lead-based paint is not chipping, it may be best to leave it. Consider chemical stripping or another technique that can better contain lead-based paint dust and particles if the paint is chipping.

4. Old Brick Mortar

If you have an older home with aged bricks, it’s best to avoid those areas while pressure-washing. The power of a pressure washer will blow loose material away, creating damaging effects on your home. These damages could result in costly repairs, too. If you have an older structure, opt for a gentle cleaning process such as soft washing, which employs a lower pressure setting and removes bacteria and stains with deep-cleaning detergents.

5. Vehicles

If your car needs washing, your pressure washer will not do the job well. The power of your pressure washer can damage the surface of your vehicle. From small dents in the doors to chipped paint, pressure-washing will only weaken the exterior of your car and make it vulnerable to rust. Never pressure-wash under the hood, either. The power of the washer could force water into areas that create problems for your car.

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