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The Dangers of DIY Power Washing

There are many devices on the market today that promise to help you pressure wash or power wash your sidingdriveway and even your car. Pressure washers designed for home use typically have a hose, water pump, trigger and different nozzles. Pressure washers can run on gas or electricity and some allow for the use of chemical cleaning agents.

However, while you can buy these devices at your local hardware store, it doesn’t mean they are completely safe for use.

Is Pressure Washing Dangerous?

Each year, thousands of people are injured while trying to use pressure washers themselves. The dangers of DIY power washing include:

  • Bodily injuries: Power washers release water at a flow 50 times stronger than a garden hose. If you accidentally direct the flow towards yourself or someone else, even for a second, serious injury and even fatalities can occur.
  • Property damage: The force of a home pressure washer can crack window seals, etch siding and other surfaces, and even crack windows if misused.
  • Siding damage: Pressure washers can push water behind the siding of your home, shortening the lifespan of your siding. You can also cause cracks or damage to the siding’s surface when you use a pressure washer without proper precautions.
  • Inefficient cleaning: Many power washers rely on water alone, which is ineffective at cleaning most stains. If you’re trying to remove green algae from your property, a DIY pressure wash will not kill the growth. Soon you’ll notice the telltale stains again. Even if your pressure washer uses chemical cleaners, it can be difficult for the average user to choose the right chemicals for the job. At-home pressure washing becomes an ongoing task, which creates more wear and tear on your property.
  • Limited cleaning: Due to the force of pressure washers designed for home use, most products can only clean a few hard surfaces, such as driveways and patios. These limitations mean much of your property remains uncleaned if you try to do it yourself.

The Benefits of My Guy Power Washing

Don’t leave it to that guy. Call My Guy. My Guy Services are the leaders in power washing in Indianapolis. The trained professionals at My Guy complete 80-hour training, with both classroom and on-the-job instruction, so they have the expertise to safely clean homes and businesses. Our team uses the latest power washing equipment and cleaners. We even have a soft washing service for more porous and delicate surfaces around your property.

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