Where to Recycle Old Christmas Lights in Indianapolis

Where to Recycle Old Christmas Lights in Indianapolis

Where to Recycle Old Christmas Lights in Indianapolis

Recycling your old Christmas lights is ideal, but few people know where to recycle old Christmas lights in Indianapolis. To help, the My Guy Services team researched the best places to recycle your old Christmas lights in the area, and here is what we've discovered.

How Do I Dispose of Christmas Lights in Indianapolis?

You'll need to dispose of your lights when they stop working. While Christmas lights are recyclable, placing them in your recycling bin for collection day in Indianapolis won't work. However, several businesses typically offer Christmas light recycling services in the area, including:

  • Lowes: Lowes stores in the greater Indianapolis region place large recycle bins at the front of their stores over the holiday season, where customers can place old Christmas lights they'd like to recycle.
  • Home Depot: Your local Home Depot may be happy to take care of your Christmas light recycling needs.
  • Indianapolis eCycle program: The local eCycle and ToxDrop program allows citizens to safely dump all sorts of electronic waste, including Christmas lights, for recycling.
  • Indianapolis Zoo: Over December and January, you can visit the Indianapolis Zoo and drop off your old Christmas lights for recycling.

What Can I Do With Old Christmas Bulbs That Still Work?

Perhaps you'd like to upgrade your Christmas lights to a more energy-efficient solution, or you've hired a professional Christmas light supply and installation service like My Guy Services. Either way, if your old Christmas lights still work, there are a few ways you could repurpose or get rid of them:

  • Donate them to charity: Organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill can use the lights or sell them for much-needed funds.
  • Sell them online: Find a popular online marketplace to sell your old lights if they're still in good working condition.
  • Repurpose them at home: You could string up your old lights across your dining room ceiling or somewhere else inside to add to the space's ambiance.

Make Christmas Light Recycling a Thing of the Past

When you choose to have your Christmas lights supplied and installed by My Guy Services, your holiday light buying and recycling days are over. Our highly skilled team handles the entire process, from expert design to safe and swift installation, including photos with Santa. We'll also return after Christmas to remove the lights for you. Get in touch today for a free quote for your home or business!