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How Often Should My Home Be Power Washed?

You can power wash your home annually or as soon as you notice grime or mildew on the siding. Power washing during milder weather can help protect your house exterior from mold and allergen buildup after rainy seasons. Because power washing uses high-pressure water, it's essential to consider the condition of the siding material of your house before determining the power washing frequency.

What Does Power Washing Entail?

Power washing entails cleaning the exterior of your house with high-pressure water and some chemicals. It can remove dirt from your siding and improve its curb appeal. Power washing is also good for those with respiratory illnesses, as it removes most of the mildew and pollen from your siding.

Factors That Contribute to How Often You Should Power Wash Your Home

It's important to remember that power washing uses strong force on the exterior of homes and buildings. Taking into account the integrity of your siding and maintaining any paintwork, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Siding material: Power wash wood when needed or annually using less force. Vinyl, cement or metal siding can be power-washed annually, but be cautious not to crack, chip or dent these materials during the power wash.
  • Adjacent exterior structures: Be mindful of any structures on your exterior walls that could be affected by frequent power washing. Cover wooden plant support structures on your walls when you power wash your vinyl or metal siding once a year.
  • Time of year: Ideally, try to power wash your home annually whenever the temperature is not too cold or too hot. Mild weather provides ideal conditions for power washing.

How Often Does the Exterior of My Home Need to Be Cleaned?

Depending on your siding, paintwork and adjacent structures, power wash your home at least once a year. Some factors influence when and how you should power wash your home. It's best to consider all the factors when power washing for the best results.

Partner With My Guy Services to Power Wash Your Home

Power washing your home or business is vital to keep it looking appealing and helps maintain the health of those around you. Schedule a quality power wash at least once a year. Consulting a professional can help you avoid chips in paint, dents and damage to plants and wood.

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Partner With My Guy Services to Power Wash Your Home