Before and after sidewalk cleaning

What Can Professional Pressure Washing Remove From Concrete?

Cleaning your property’s exterior surfaces is vital to maintain their appearance and safeguard against health hazards. Pressure washing concrete works to keep those surfaces safe and clean from harmful dirt, mold and algae.

Aside from standard dirt, mold, and algae, other elements may build up and need cleaning.

What Kind of Dirt Collects on Concrete?

Concrete collects dirt and grime of all types over time.

The build-up could be anything like dirt from the garden or yard, bacteria from rain runoff, oil from vehicles or gum stuck to the ground.

While the build-up may not be noticeable right away, leaving it to accumulate would do more harm than good. A lot of grime is slightly acidic and can eat away at concrete, so it’s best to clean the surfaces often.

How to Remove Algae From Concrete

Algae can quickly build upon concrete when moisture levels are high, especially after a lot of rain. While algae is relatively harmless, too much algae can become dangerous. If it gets wet, algae becomes slippery and can become a hazard if not taken care of properly.

Pressure washing can easily remove algae before it grows and spreads more. Professionals can safely remove algae so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

How to Remove Gum From Sidewalks

First impressions are critical, and the entrance to a business is the first thing people see when deciding to stop by. Gum on the sidewalk of any company can deter people from visiting and make the entrance look unwelcoming. It’s important to remove any gum in the area to ensure a welcoming entrance.

Professional pressure washing can remove all the gum and saves you time. Scraping gum after using a freezing agent can work, but you can save yourself the hassle by hiring a professional cleaner. Professionals use pressure washing with water or water and a cleaning detergent to get the gum off.

Trust the Professionals at My Guy Services

Pressure washing on your own can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the procedure and techniques used to clean concrete. You could get hurt or crack the concrete, so it’s best to hire a professional. My Guy is an industry leader and always extending a hand to help. Give My Guy a call or fill out an instant quote today to start pressure washing your concrete.