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When to Start Decorating for Christmas

The end of the year is a busy and exciting time. With various holidays to celebrate, presents to purchase, traditional foods to make and people to visit, you may wonder where decorating for Christmas fits into your full to-do list. You may want to get your decorating done soon so you can focus on other things, or you may be excited to jump right into Christmas as early as possible.

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas, though? This guide provides tips on the best time to decorate for Christmas so you can get the most out of the holiday season.


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When Should You Start Decorating for Christmas?

The best time to decorate for Christmas depends on a few things. You will need to decide what kind of decorations you want and where to put them. Each type of decoration has a different traditionally appropriate time to be set up, though most depend on your personal preference too.

Setting Up Your Christmas Tree

You can put your Christmas tree up in November, depending on the tree you want. Fake trees offer more flexibility and longevity, so you can get a head start. Tradition states that the day or weekend after Thanksgiving is appropriate, but you can set your tree up earlier since it will last just fine until Christmas.

Fresh trees last about four weeks with proper care before they dry out. If you would like a fresh tree to enjoy on Christmas Day, you will need to wait to set it up until a weekend or two after Thanksgiving.

Decorating Around the House

While tradition states you should start decorating your house for Christmas after Thanksgiving, you can decorate the interior of your home whenever you like. It is your space to enjoy, so it is never too early to decorate for the holidays you love. You may need to place certain decorations at specific times, such as advent calendars that start on December 1 or Christmas cards that arrive at various times. Otherwise, you can decorate whenever you see fit.

If you have a significant number of decorations you would like to set up, decorating early might be a good idea. Doing so will give you a head start on your plans, especially since you'll want to wait before setting up your outdoor decorations.

If you like to decorate for Thanksgiving, you can easily transition from one holiday to another by swapping out mantel decor or adding red ribbons to simple greenery around your home. If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, you may want to consider waiting to decorate your dining room table for Christmas until your Thanksgiving festivities are over.


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Decorating the Front of Your House

Depending on your decorations, you can decorate throughout November or December. Wreaths are a fall and winter staple, so you can set up a wreath as early as September or October and then customize it for each season or holiday. You will want to wait to put out Christmas-themed wreaths until after Thanksgiving.

Wait to set up Christmas inflatable or Santa-themed decorations until after Thanksgiving since they are specific to the Christmas holiday. Setting up your blow-up decorations later can be a great way to save money on your electricity bill too.

Setting Up Outside Lights

Many people leave their Christmas lights up throughout the year, lighting them after Thanksgiving and turning them off after the season, so you can put up your lights as early as you would like. Setting them up early is a great way to beat the cold and snow. If you hang them ahead of time, consider waiting to light them until after Thanksgiving to save energy. If you prefer to put up and take down your lights each Christmas season, we recommend waiting until after Halloween before setting them up.

If you want to make your Christmas to-do list a little simpler, consider hiring a professional like My Guy Services to install your Christmas lights. Our experienced employees undergo 80 hours of training to ensure they provide you with the best Christmas light installation available. We provide the lights, installation and removal so you can have a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.

Is It Too Early to Put Up Christmas Decorations?

The traditional day to start decorating for Christmas is the day or weekend after Thanksgiving, though some traditions recommend other days like December 1, the 12 days before Christmas or Christmas Eve. If you would like to abide by decorating traditions, it is best to wait until after your Thanksgiving celebrations.

While tradition has specific times for decorating, it's okay to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. If preparing for the holiday season brings you joy, you can decorate as early as you like! There are several benefits to decorating early, such as:

  • A happier mood
  • A simplified holiday to-do list
  • More time for other traditions
  • More time appreciating decorations
  • More time to spend with loved ones
  • More time for relaxing and enjoying the season

While decorating early has many benefits, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, you may want to wait to decorate for Christmas. You will already have a holiday to plan and prepare for, so save the decorating for when you have more time to focus on it and enjoy it.

You will also want to be respectful of those around you who may have different beliefs, religions and traditions. You can decorate your home whenever you want, but be considerate of others before decorating public spaces.


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Trust My Guy to Be Your Guy for Christmas Lights

Now that you know when to set up your Christmas decorations, it's time to plan your holiday preparations. Spend more time enjoying the season with help from My Guy's Christmas light installation service. You can start decorating for Christmas as early or late as you would like, but we recommend planning as soon as possible. Booking for our Christmas light installation service begins in September and fills up quickly, so contact us today for a free custom quote!