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What Types of Cleaners Should Be Used to Clean a Roof?


Your house is a beautiful investment that deserves your time and attention. When you see black streaks on the roof of your building, you may feel the need to get a ladder, climb up and begin washing the grime away with roof cleaning products and water. However, there are more efficient ways to clean your roof without putting you or any of your family members at risk.

Washing Methods for a Clean Roof

If you’re looking for roof cleaning products that get your roof looking new again, they’ll be hard to find. Many hardware stores sell products that claim they work by being splashed over the black marks. When you find that those products are not as efficient as you hoped, you may pressure-wash the roof. That pressure can be damaging, and it only cleans the surface of the roof. Algae and bacteria can remain, and you’ll notice them growing back before you know it.

Climbing a ladder to clean your roof is a personal safety risk, too. You could slip on or fall off the roof, especially if you’re carrying a hose or cleaning products with you.

It’s best to save yourself the potential injuries and the frustration of products that don’t work. Instead of attempting to clean the roof yourself, leave it to professional exterior cleaners.

How to Clean Your Roof Properly

The best cleaning product for roofs isn’t a product at all — it’s expert service from an exterior cleaning company. At My Guy Services, we use industry-leading cleaning solutions that you can’t find in a store. We carefully execute our methods to remove as much grime and bacteria as possible. Professional companies like My Guy are also insured, so you don’t have to worry about any potential injuries.

Why would you want to waste a weekend on a ladder potentially damaging your property, anyway? If your roof has black streaks, don’t try to handle it yourself. Trust a company of trained professionals to remove the grime and keep it away for a long time.

Soft Washing Services for Roofing

If you call My Guy, we will recommend a specific method for cleaning your roof — soft washing. Soft washing is similar to pressure washing, except that the water pressure is gentle. We’ll begin by soaking your roof in a deep-activating detergent that washes bacteria away and lifts it from the shingles. After we apply our soft wash chemical application, our soaps begin to kill and attack the active algae growth on your roof. Where there is heavy, thick growth (lichen), it will take 1-8 weeks to safely decay and detach from your shingles. This process stops the growth of algae and bacteria at the source, so you’ll see long-lasting results. A soft-washed roof stays clean 2-5 years after cleaning, on average.

In severe cases, we will repeat the soaking process until the roof is free of its unwelcomed bacterial guests.

Call My Guy for Meticulous Exterior Cleaning Services

If you need a dedicated team of professionals to revitalize your home, trust My Guy. We only use the best products and the most innovative cleaning methods, and we don’t leave until you’re satisfied with our work. You’ll be amazed at the look of your home after we finish.

To learn more about our services, contact us online or call us at (317) 755-6444.