Before and after driveway restoration

How to Restore Damage to Your Driveway

Damage to driveways can happen for many reasons. In Indianapolis, a common cause of wear is freezing and thawing. When water freezes, it expands in volume. You may have noticed this in an ice-cube tray, where ice cubes are a little peaked in the center because the water has expanded as it froze. You may have seen it with frozen pipes, too. When water pipes freeze, the metal or plastic does not allow for expansion, which is why water pipes can burst or rupture when frozen.

Your driveway is made from a porous material, such as asphalt or concrete. When water falls on the surface, the material absorbs water. As that moisture freezes and expands in volume, the rigid concrete can crack and break.

If you notice damage to your driveway in the spring, this freezing and thawing process is usually why. Your driveway might also sustain damage from the wear and tear of a heavy car. Oil drips and leaks can also cause damage and stains.

How to Restore Your Driveway if it Has Damage

Fortunately, there are ways to restore your driveway despite existing damage.

Start With Cleaning

A professional cleaning from My Guy Services can remove stains and improve your driveway’s appearance. A thorough cleaning is also necessary before resurfacing or repairing any cracks. My Guy uses soft washing techniques that allow us to clean your driveway without causing further damage.

Repair Your Driveway

Once your driveway is clean, you’ll want to work with a contractor to repair cracks and other damage. A professional contractor is ideal because they can make sure your driveway is structurally sound, level and durable.


There are several products on the market that claim you can use them to reseal your driveway yourself. For best results, however, a contractor should reseal your driveway. Hiring a professional will ensure your driveway gets the right sealant for lasting results. My Guy recommends and partners with Stephens Concrete Sealing.

Contact My Guy Services Today

If you’re ready to tackle the damage to your driveway, Contact My Guy today. Learn more about our driveway cleaning solutions and request a quote to get started.

Once your driveway is as good as new, don’t forget to contact My Guy to keep your driveway in top shape. Our power washing services will help protect your new investment, remove stains before they set, and keep your driveway looking new for longer.