Cleaning Limestone

How to Properly Clean Your Hardscapes

If you have dirty, aged hardscapes, consider having them cleaned. Hardscapes include driveways, sidewalks and brick walls. These areas experience a lot of action, from weather to human activity. Car tires bring in dirt and mud from parking lots, people drop ice cream cones and soda cans, and the rotating seasons mean that all exterior surfaces are subject to ice, rain and snow.

If you are ready to bring your hardscapes back to life, it’s time to make a cleaning plan.

Why Washing Hardscapes Is Important

Your home’s appearance is critical to your curbside appeal, or the measure of attraction someone feels for your property as they view it from the street. Curbside appeal is essential to you, whether you’re planning on selling your house or living in your forever dream home. For sellers, maintaining clean driveways and sidewalks makes your home look new. This fresh appearance is sure to appeal to buyers.

For homeowners, washing your hardscapes benefits you in two ways — appearance and your family’s wellbeing. When it comes to your home’s look, you want it to be inviting to family members, friends and guests. If you have a dirty driveway or stained sidewalk, people may develop unfavorable ideas about your property. You know your home is beautiful. Help others see it, too! With a stain-free walkway, visitors will be excited to make the short journey to your front door.

As for your family’s wellbeing, a lot of activity occurs outside, from family gatherings to car washes and construction projects. These events can leave behind staining, bacteria and even harmful particles like splintered wood and glass. With a meticulous cleaning, you can wash away all those dangerous elements. Your family can sit and draw on the sidewalks and run barefoot across the driveway without a worry in mind.

How to Clean Hardscapes

If you want to keep your hardscapes clean, leave the job to professional cleaners. Pressure washing your sidewalk may do the trick when it comes to immediate results, but water can only do so much. It would be best to have professionals with tools and detergents take the stains away. At My Guy, we offer expert help from a hardworking, meticulous team of exterior cleaners.

When you want your hardscapes clean, we recommend a process called soft washing. While pressure washing removes visible stains almost instantly, the pressure is not great for keeping your hardscapes intact. Our soft washing service employs a lower degree of pressure and involves soaking your surfaces in a deep-activating detergent. This detergent lifts stains, bacteria and algae so we can wash them away carefully.

Our soft washing process lets us wash dirty sidewalks and clean grease off driveways easily. The final results will last a long time, too, because we don’t just clean the surface — we stop the growth of algae and bacteria at the source.

My Guy Performs Expert Work on Your Hardscapes

The My Guy team is fully trained and insured, and we use the latest techniques and equipment to achieve your property’s cleanest appearance. When you’re looking for someone to do exterior cleaning, remember you have a guy — My Guy!

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