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Is Algae Growth on Homes a Safety Hazard?

Algae can be great for the ecosystem in the right setting, but that grimy blue-green residue on your roof is unsightly and can be incredibly harmful to people and pets. In fact, it technically isn’t algae at all. Instead, what you see on your roof or siding are blooms of a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Harmful algal blooms thrive in warm, calm sunny weather with access to moisture, especially water warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indianapolis roofs are a perfect breeding ground for gloeocapsa magma during the summer and early fall, but blooms can crop up any time of the year. To keep your home looking nice all year round, prevent property damage and reduce the risk of injury, homeowners should learn why contaminants grow on buildings and hire a skilled roof cleaning team like My Guy to eradicate them.

What Are the Dangers of Algae Growth on Homes?

Gloeocapsa magma harmful effects are deeper than the surface, and the impact increases as the buildup grows. As algae blooms become thicker, they can cause surfaces like your roof, sidewalk or driveway to become slippery. Without treatment, your driveway will be extra slick during the rainy season, making it dangerous to drive or even walk on. This can also make it more dangerous when it’s time to clean your gutters.

In addition to the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, algae growth is unhealthy. Gloeocapsa magma can have negative health effects, especially for individuals prone to allergy flare-ups. Algae particles give off airborne toxins around your property that can be harmful when inhaled, especially for a person who’s already sick. Contaminants from residue buildup may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, rash, eye irritation, cough, sore throat and headache within two hours of exposure.

How Can Homeowners Recognize Harmful Algae Growth?

In many cases, it’s easy to recognize harmful algae growth on your home. If you see blue-green residue on your siding, driveway, roof or other exterior surfaces around your property, it’s time to call a cleaning specialist.

But algae isn’t always visible to the naked eye. In fact, during the earliest stages of development, individual algae are microscopic. You won’t be able to spot an entire bloom until it’s already become a problem. Yearly exterior cleaning is the best solution.

Contact Us for Indianapolis Algae Removal

My Guy implements the most effective techniques and practices for algae removal in Indianapolis. Soft washing combines high volumes of low-pressure water with chemicals and soaps that attack and kill active growths like mold, mildew, bacteria and algae. While power or pressure washing uses pressurized water alone to just remove grime, soft washing actually cleans surfaces without risking damage to your shingles, siding or other fragile materials. Soft washing is also a longer-lasting cleaning solution.

Indianapolis homeowners can trust the talented My Guy team for exterior cleaning services at an affordable rate. To learn more about our services or receive a free quote, contact us online today!