Before and after washing HOA exterior

How Often Should You Clean Your House?

You probably have a system for cleaning your home’s interior, whether that includes dusting, sweeping or occasional deep cleaning. But what about the exterior of your home? Your siding, driveways, patios, decks and other exterior surfaces also need routine cleaning to look their best. Regular exterior cleaning can make your property look more inviting and prolong the lifespan of external surfaces.

How Often Should You Clean Your House?

My Guy Services recommends cleaning the exterior of your home twice a year, or once at the bare minimum. Spring is an ideal time to clean because you can remove any debris from the winter along with accumulated pollen. Thorough cleaning in the spring can prevent algae growth and makes your home look fresh for summer entertaining. A good gutter cleaning in spring can also remove leaves and debris, allowing water to flow evenly so you can avoid damage to your siding or patio.

A follow-up cleaning of your siding, roof surfaces, patios, decks, driveways and other exterior surfaces in the fall can remove any algae growth and stains from the summer. In the Indianapolis winter, ice and snow can damage the exterior of your home. Cleaning before the winter season removes any debris that has built up and could contribute to that damage. My Guy can also clean your home’s gutters to reduce the possibility of icicles on your property so you can stay safe during the holiday season.

My Guy Services Makes Your Home Sparkle

My Guy Services can take care of every surface of your home’s exterior. We use pressure washing and soft washing techniques to ensure every surface gets the right treatment. Our soft washing services utilize a pressure washer at a lower pounds per square inch (PSI) for less intense pressure. Soft washing provides an in-depth clean without the damage high-pressure washing can cause to more delicate surfaces, making it ideal for siding, roofing, limestone and other softer materials.

My Guy uses the best washing techniques for every exterior surface of your home. We can tackle everything from graffiti to algae to roofs and more. No job is too large or complex. We make sure you’re happy — our warranty ensures it.

When you work with My Guy, you work with the leader in pressure washing in Indianapolis. Our team members get 80 hours of classroom and on-site training to ensure they know how to take care of every surface. We’re the trusted company for homeowners and business owners in Indianapolis, so feel free to contact My Guy to get started and to request a quote now.