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Does Soft Washing Damage Your Garden Plants?

At My Guy, we understand that your plants are more than just decorations for your home’s exterior. The vegetation around your property brightens your day, adds color to your yard and has therapeutic value. That’s why we’re careful to protect your plants during our exterior washing services.

Soft washing is a great way to boost your property’s visual appearance and value by killing contaminants like mold, mildew, bacteria and algae. But without proper precautions, soft washing can damage the plants in your garden. Utilizing soap and other chemicals allows us to provide the most effective exterior cleaning services, but we do so in a way that protects your vegetation.

Top 7 Soft Washing Tips

Indianapolis homeowners can count on My Guy for the services they need to clean their roofs and siding effectively and safely. Our skilled team has years of training and experience, and we know how to protect gardens when soft washing any surface.

Here’s our top 7 tips for soft washing:

  1. Check the forecast: For maximum plant safety, make sure there’s a 4-hour rain-free window for your home to dry after soft washing to prevent chemical runoff.
  2. Spray down your plants: A coating of water can protect your vegetation from the chemicals used in soft washing. Use a power washer at a distance for a steady flow of mist over your plants.
  3. Trap runoff from your gutters: Taping a trash bag or positioning a trash bin at the base of your drainage pipes will allow you to catch soft wash runoff, preventing it from ever reaching your plants.
  4. Work from the Top to bottom: Spraying the top of a roof or siding creates for less chemical to be used. Allowing the run off to be a minimum.
  5. Use specialized coatings: Professional surfactants add an extra layer to slow runoff and stop chemicals where they land. This way, chemicals stick to the places they’re needed, increasing the treatment’s effectiveness and preventing damage.
  6. Work as a team: It always helps to keep an extra pair of hands on deck to keep plants moist and provide a faster response to a spill or runoff. With one person cleaning and another looking out for your vegetation, you’ll maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks of soft washing.
  7. Hire professionals: The best way to receive an effective cleaning while ensuring your plants’ safety is to hire a highly trained crew with plenty of experience working with soft washing equipment and chemicals.

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Soft washing is the best way to remove grime and prevent further growth. My Guy performs soft washing with precision and attention to detail to provide an effective treatment without harming your valuable plant life. To learn more about our house washing services or request a free quote, contact My Guy today!