Indianapolis Zoo trees decorated with Christmas lights

Installing Christmas Lights at the Indianapolis Zoo

Statue at Indianapolis Zoo with Christmas lights behind

Crafting the Largest Holiday Lights Display in Indiana

Working at the Indianapolis Zoo was a magical experience. Being the largest display of lights in the state of Indiana it required a special amount of attention to detail to get it just right. From the beginning we came in with a strategic plan of attack. Labeling each tree with a number, the color of lights for that tree and the total strand count for each tree. Printing off 10 spiral packets with photos of trees and what they look like at day and night so each team member knew which trees we were completing.
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On large commercial jobs like this, we ended up working night shifts. Working 8pm-6am each night. The work required two 60 ft articulating lights and over 15 different sized ladders to complete.

Indianapolis Zoo trees decorated with Christmas lights

Crafting a Magical Holiday Spectacle through Meticulous Tree Illumination

During our daily walk-throughs with our team, the main focus on making it magical was symmetry. Making sure the trees were balanced with light and the branch wraps were tightly wrapped 6 inches apart throughout the entire tree.  This level of detail goes unnoticed but is critical to the appearance of the tree. The other main focus was making sure the color of the lights were the same shade of color. Having old lights mixed with new lights causes the trees to have bright spots and takes the focus of the eye to that portion of the tree when done incorrectly.
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Tree at the Indianapolis Zoo decorated with Christmas lights

Going the Extra Mile for Consistency and Perfection

We spent countless hours organizing the lights to make sure the same shade of lights were consistent throughout the entire tree. Even going as far as taking down 140 strands of lights because the tree needed 275 strands of warm white. My guys thought we were joking but this level of detail is required. We ended up bringing in our own lights for this specific tree that way we knew each strand was brand new and could stand out as the marquee tree it is.
My Guys completed the entire project of 440 trees in just 13 days!
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