What Christmas Lights Do Professionals Use?

What Christmas Lights Do Professionals Use?

What Christmas Lights Do Professionals Use?

When the magical holiday season comes around, many homeowners, businesses and organizations start planning their Christmas light displays, which can often be costly and time-consuming. Knowing what Christmas lights the professionals use opens the doors to longer-lasting, customizable lighting options you can use from year to year. Better yet, have an experienced Christmas light installation company like My Guy Services design, supply and install your professional light display at home or work for a hassle-free solution.

What Are Commercial-Grade Christmas Lights?

Commercial-grade Christmas lights are more robust than your average lights. While made for indoor and outdoor usage, these lights can withstand wind, rain, snow and extreme temperature changes. Their innovative design allows them to endure longer operational hours, so you can delight your neighbors, customers and community by keeping your commercial-grade lights shining all night.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Christmas Lights?

The differences between residential, off-the-shelf and commercial-grade Christmas lights include:

  • Brightness: Residential lights contain only one diode compared to the five diodes typically in commercial-grade lights, which makes them shine fuller and brighter than residential lights.
  • Customizability: While residential lights come in specified lengths with the bulbs permanently fixed, commercial-grade lights have screw-in bulbs for easy replacement strung along customizable sizes.
  • Cost: While residential lights purchased from your local store are less expensive than commercial-grade lights, commercial lights offer flexibility, quality and longevity, making them a better long-term investment.

Are Commercial-Grade Christmas Lights Worth It?

In a nutshell, yes. Opting for commercial-grade Christmas lights over residential lights gets you the following incredible benefits:

  • Long-lasting lighting solution: Due to their robust design and construction, commercial-grade lights can endure many years of use.
  • Enhanced visual effect: With more diodes in each bulb, commercial lights deliver a brighter, crisper and more vibrant visual display.
  • Flawless aesthetic: Commercial-grade lights are full-wave rectified, which means their light cycle is less noticeable, offering a more uniform visual effect.
  • Quality cords and fixtures: With thicker cords and shatterproof lights, commercial-grade Christmas lights offer hard-wearing quality built to last.
  • Energy-efficient solution: The thicker, shorter commercial-grade lighting cords often make them more energy-efficient, helping to lower your electricity costs.

Let My Guy Services Handle Your Commercial-Grade Christmas Light Installation

The My Guy Services team is proud to be the go-to Christmas light installation professionals serving the greater Indianapolis region. We use commercial-grade C9 LED lights that shine brighter and stand up to the Indiana winter. With My Guy Services on the job, you'll avoid exposing yourself to icy weather and the many safety hazards of a DIY light installation. We'll also bring Santa along for a free photo op and remove the lights for you at the end of the season.

Contact us today for a free quote and secure your professional Christmas light installation booking.