Soft Wash House

What Is Soft Washing?

The proper way to clean your home’s exterior is by using a cleaning method called soft washing. This process employs detergents that eliminate algae, mold and moss at low pressure.

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What Is Soft Washing and How Is It Different From Pressure Washing?

Soft washing is a safe home washing process that employs low-pressure, high-volume rinsing for your building’s exterior walls and siding. During soft washing, we use a biodegradable detergent. This kind of soap is designed to kill and attack active growth, preventing mold and algae from growing back shortly after the cleaning. Soft washing also allows workers to spray 30 to 40 feet high from the ground, so no one needs a ladder for three-story buildings.

We perform this low-pressure washing procedure by completing the following steps:

  1. Apply solution: We apply a uniquely designed biodegradable formula to your home’s exterior surface. We customize every solution to accommodate your home, ensuring no damage to the paint, shingles, wood or vinyl siding occurs. Each batch is special-made to maximize cleaning effectiveness.
  2. Solution penetration: We allow our solution to soak on the surface and remove organic growth.
  3. Rinse: We use low-pressure, high-volume techniques to rinse houses and other fragile surfaces, removing algae, mold, bacteria and dirt.
  4. Repeat if necessary: In severe cases, we may need to reapply and rinse our solution, or it may need time to rinse naturally after rain showers. Forcing the moss to rinse off could damage the material it is on.

The major differences between soft washing and power washing involve time and money. Soft washing is efficient and cost-effective because it’s done in a quarter of the time that traditional pressure washing takes. Soft washing is also safer than pressure washing because the spray coverage is extensive.

In addition to cost-efficiency and safety, soft washing lasts longer. By killing bacteria, this process provides cleaner results for a more extended period than traditional pressure washing.

Why You Should Soft-Wash Instead of Pressure-Wash

You want your home to look better after cleaning, not worse. Pressure washing uses high pressure to remove grime and dirt from your home’s exterior walls. This may create a cleaner home but could damage the siding in the process. Instead, soft washing uses high water volume, detergents and low pressure. The low pressure protects your home from unwanted siding damages and blown window seals.

In addition to being a gentler process, soft washing results can keep buildings cleaner for longer, saving you time and money.

Trust My Guy to Clean Your Home

Today, traditional pressure washing is considered a less effective way of cleaning compared to soft washing. If you need your building’s exterior cleaned, make sure to request soft washing from My Guy Services.

Whether it’s been months or years since your home has looked fresh, treat it to a deep clean. My Guy Services includes a team of dedicated experts in exterior cleaning and soft washing in Indianapolis. Contact us today to request a free quote.