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Should I Clean My Gutter Guards?

Your gutter guards do the important job of protecting your gutters from debris and preventing them from becoming clogged. While your gutters have protection, your gutter guards do not, so cleaning them is essential to ensure they continue doing their job.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are pieces of various materials and are placed over your gutters. They keep debris like tree branches and twigs, leaves, pine needles, rodents and other large objects out so the gutters continue to drain water. Gutter guards are typically made of metal, aluminum or nylon to withstand the natural elements and changing temperatures.

While they prevent large objects from falling into your gutter, smaller particles like dirt can still build up over time, causing the gutters to back up. Cleaning your gutters and gutter guards is necessary.

Why Is Cleaning Gutter Guards Important?

Cleaning your gutter guards is crucial because they prevent your home from suffering any damage. The smallest debris that passes the mesh can and will build up in your gutters if the rain doesn't clean it out. When waste builds up enough, future rainwater has nowhere to go, creating standing water until it overflows and the gutters sag under the pressure and weight of the water. If gutters try to bear the weight of too much water, they could fall off.

Additionally, not cleaning your gutter guards could turn into not cleaning your gutters. All the debris backlog could eventually result in more extensive problems, like damage to your home, a mosquito outbreak or flooding if the gutters cause water to settle around your home's foundation instead of moving away from it.

When and How Often Should You Clean Gutter Guards?

Even the best gutter guards need occasional cleaning. It would be best to clean your gutter guards at least twice a year and as needed to ensure they and your gutters remain in the best condition possible. The early spring and late fall are excellent times to check on and clean your gutter guards. It wouldn't hurt to give them a quick check after serious storms or strong winds.

Cleaning your gutter guards in spring helps you prepare for the upcoming spring and summer weather when it may be more likely to rain. You can eliminate any debris stuck on the guards after winter.

Cleaning the guards again in the autumn helps you prepare for winter. Fallen leaves and twigs often end up in a building's gutter area if there are many trees around. By clearing and cleaning the debris towards the end of fall, your gutters will be ready to help the snow and ice land without any obstructions.

Professional Gutter Guard Cleaning Services

Professional Gutter Guard Cleaning Services

If you want your gutter guards cleaned, rely on a professional to do it. Professionals working with gutters know the nuances of cleaning and troubleshooting them if necessary. They also often work with gutter guards, which require a little more work to clean them properly.

Professionals have the tools and training to safely clean gutters and gutter guards. Due to the construction and implementation of gutter guards, you cannot thoroughly clean or access your gutters without removing the guards. When you hire an expert, they can remove the guards, clean them and the gutters and replace everything without damage.

An expert will use a ladder, bucket and water to clean the gutters and guards, possibly removing them in the process. They may use a hose to clean the gutter and ensure water flows properly. Your gutter guard cleaner will likely also check that the downspouts have nothing stuck in them by ensuring water runs through them.

If your home has multiple stories, you especially want an expert to clean your gutters and guards. It's dangerous to be on the roof without any formal training, so leave it to the professionals who know how to safely clean the gutters while high off the ground.

Contact My Guy for Gutter Cleaning

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Our employees are highly trained and experienced in cleaning gutters. They must complete 40 hours of education and 40 hours of on-site training while preparing to perform our services. Your gutters and gutter guards will receive the proper cleaning and care to help direct water away from your home. We also provide downspout cleaning services so your entire gutter system works like new.

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