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Swinford Park Longfellow Plainfield

Swinford Longfellow Plainfield

If you’re interested in learning more about Swinford Lonfellow Park in Plainfield, Connecticut, then keep reading. You’ll learn what to expect from Swinford Park, including the facilities available and how to park. Read on to learn more about this great community park! It is a great place to take your family on a day out. There are several different options available, from parking to picnic areas. Visit This Website.

Swinford Park in Plainfield

If you’re looking for a family-friendly park in Plainfield, IN, consider visiting Swinford Park. This 25-acre park is home to a massive playground, lighted baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, and a shelter house. The park also has plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. A playground for children under six years old is located on the park’s private property, and the Plainfield Girls Softball Association regularly holds games there.

Parents and kids of all ages can enjoy a day at Swinford Park. With slides, swings, and climbing structures, this park is the perfect place to bring the whole family. The park also offers a giant play structure modeled after a barn. Other fun elements include a wagon and fire truck, a corn maze, and a teeter totter. There’s also a baseball field across the street for playing catch.

Facilities at Swinford Park

For an outdoor activity near downtown Lonfellow, you can visit the Swinford Park, a 25-acre community green space in Plainfield. Facilities at the park include a playground for children up to age six, lighted baseball and softball fields, horseshoe pits, and a shelter house for picnics. These facilities are perfect for any activity you may be interested in, whether it’s playing tennis, basketball, or volleyball.

Swinford Park is a great place to have family reunions and picnics. There is a giant playground, baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, volleyball court, and a shelter house for gatherings. The park also offers a gazebo, which is an ideal location for a family picnic. There’s also a playground for adults, and the park also has plenty of parking for events. Visit This Page.

Parking options at Swinford Park

If you’re driving to Swinford Park in Plainfield, Connecticut, you may be wondering about parking options. There are several available lots, and you can pay with a credit card. Swinford Park is a 25-acre green space with plenty of open space to play and relax. The park has several attractions, including a giant playground, horseshoe pits, and lighted baseball diamonds. The park also has four tennis courts.

Name of park

The name of park in Swinford Lonfelow Plainfield is an apt choice to describe the 25-acre family-friendly park. With a huge playground, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, and four tennis courts, this park offers everything that makes outdoor recreation a fun, family affair. The Swinford Park is located near Plainfield High School. There are also lighted ball diamonds and shelter houses. The Plainfield Girls Softball Association plays its games at Swinford Park.

The name of park in Swinford Lonfelow Plainfield is Red Swinford Park. It’s named after the city’s first fire chief. The park is located at South Center and Longfellow Lane, and features a tiny merry-go-round. In addition to its playground and tennis courts, it also has a quaint maize. In addition to its playground, Swinford Park also features a corn maze and tennis courts. Read More About This!

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