Job Description: Sales Representative

Overview & Purpose: To clearly outline the responsibilities and expectations associated with the Sales Representative (SR) position at My Guy Services. 


The SR position is one of the most important roles in the company. An effective SR will seek to help potential customers by selling them our amazing exterior cleaning services. Sales are the lifeblood of our business, and the SR is the boots-on-the-ground hustler who keeps our pipeline filled with profitable business and “raving fan” customers. 

Goals and Metrics 

Weekly Sales Goals 

The following benchmarks are what you should shoot for each week. 

Excellent: $10,000+/Week 

Good: $8500/Week 

Acceptable: $7500/Week 

Poor: $6000/Week

Weekly Activities and Goals 

  • Manage and fulfill all assigned leads promptly (average of 30 new assigned leads per week) 
  • Generate 5 new leads per week via cold calling strategies 
  • Goal: Convert 75% of assigned leads into sent quotes within 48 hours and 100% of assigned leads into sent quotes within 72 hours 
  • Master the use of follow up and quoting strategies 
  • Master the use of Responsibid and Jobber custom quote creation
  • Manage all personal quote related customer communication and follow up 
  • When dealing with customers; maintain professional, clean cut appearance; courteous, over-the-top-friendly demeanor; and always arrive on time. 
  • Maintain a 55% close rate 
  • Maintain a $420+ average ticket 
  • Attend BNI meetings and build referral partners 

Sales Meetings And Training 

  • Prepare for and attend weekly Sales Team Meeting with the Sales Manager, reviewing KPI’s and Big Wins.
    • Average Ticket
    • Close Rate
    • Total Quotes Sent
    • Total Sales
  • Participate in our ongoing Sales Training Program (prepared by the Sales Manager) to continually enhance personal sales skills. 

New Business Development

  • Focus on building new relationships with potential clients. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities to sell our amazing services to new customers.
  • Develop and grow customer base in neighborhoods where we already have a client base. 

Compensation Package

Option #1. Straight Commission

  • Paid 3 weeks training $500 a week
  • 15% commission for residential sales
  • 10% commercial sales

Option #2 Compensation follows a “Base Against Commission” model. Here’s how it works.

  • You will receive a weekly salary of $600 every week throughout the year, regardless of how much you sell that week.
  • This weekly salary is essentially your first $600 worth of commission earnings for that week, totally $2,400 a month earned in advance.
  • As your sold jobs are completed (the work has been performed and the customer is satisfied), you will earn commission at a rate of 8% for inside sales (leads supplied to you by the company) and 8% for outside sales (leads you generate on your own through cold calling and prospecting)
  • At the end of each week, your total sales/commissions will be calculated based off of your completed jobs.
  • If your commission amount exceeds your $2,400 a month salary, you will earn the additional amount as a commission bonus. 
    • Example: last month you sold $40,000 worth of work  (all from company supplied leads) and were completed by our production crews. 
      • 8% x $8000= $3,200
      • You earned $3,200 in commissions last month, but you’ve been “pre-paid” $2,400 in the form of your salary.
      • You would receive a $800 commission payment for that month on top of your $2,400 salary.
      • You will receive each week’s salary on your paycheck as part of our biweekly payroll cadence.
      • You will receive the month’s earned commission check on your first paycheck of the following month.
      • You will receive access to a spreadsheet that shows you your YTD earnings and commission totals.
  • If your commission amount is less than your $600 salary, you will make it up on future commissions. 
    • Future commission payouts will be used to get you back to “even” status before you can begin to collect commission payments again.
    • Example: last month, $25,000 worth or your sold jobs (all from company supplied leads) were completed by our production crews. 
      • 8% x $25,000= $2,000.
      • You now have a deficit of $400 in commissions that you must make up for in future sales.
        • Example: The next month you sell $50,000, that would earn you $1,600 in commissions.
        • Normally, you would receive a $1,600 commission check ($4,000 in commissions minus your $2,400 salary). 
        • Because you are carrying a commission deficit from the previous month of $400 from last month, your current commission check will be $1,200 ($1,600-$400=$1,200).
        • You are now “even”, and as long as you out-sell your salary in the coming weeks, you will collect your full commission payouts going forward.
        • Months February, March, November, and December will be excluded from deficit commissions. 

Residual Commissions

You will earn full commission on any new services sold, even to repeat customers for both compensation options.  

You also have the opportunity to earn a small commission off of repeat services purchased by your past clients. It works like this:

  • If a past customer contacts you directly, and you book new work for them, you earn a 8% commission on that total ticket.
    • If you reach out to a past customer and get them to book new work, you will earn a 8% commission on that total ticket.
    • If a customer contacts the office asking to book new work and we need you to get involved to move forward with the project, you will earn a 5% commission on that total ticket. 
      • Example: One of your clients calls, asking to get scheduled. They are wondering about getting a bundled package this time around, and the office staff needs you to set one up for the client. The office staff will hand the client off to you to manage this part of the booking process. Because you took action on the new sale, you earn a 5% residual commission. 
    • If one of your past clients contacts the office directly asking to book new work and it’s unnecessary for the office to contact you in order to get them scheduled, you do not receive a residual commission.
  • Residual commissions are paid out in the same manner as standard commissions – when the work order is completed and the customer is satisfied. 

Compensation Details

  • Weekly salary of $600, paid bi-weekly as part of My Guy Services standard payroll cadence. 
  • 8% Commission on all outside residential sales 
  • 8% Commission on all inside residential sales 
  • 5% residual commission on any additional sales after the initial sale, unlimited duration. 
  • Qualifying commissions paid out in the following month and/or after the work is completed. 
    • Example: You sell a  $10,000 job  in April but the job is scheduled for August, the sales number will be counted towards the sales numbers for the month of August and NOT April. 

Additional Items 

  • Company vehicle supplied. Available for commute use, subject to company vehicle policy. 
  • Company credit card supplied. For use on fuel expenses and other necessary sales-related expenses.
  • Company supplied laptop. Includes all necessary peripherals and software.
  • Company supplied uniforms.
  • Enrollment in a simple IRA retirement plan with 3% company match (speak with management for details).
  • Perform other duties as requested.