When did you last have your deck cleaned? If it’s been longer than 2 years, odds are it’s time to have the deck cleaned before Spring is over. Deck cleaning requires the safe use of cleaning agents as well as the correctly regulated pressurized water to remove the dirt, debris, mildew and algae buildup that accumulates over time.

When this kind of deep cleaning is needed, don’t power-wash your wooden or composite deck. Cleaning a deck may seem easy, but the products you use most likely won’t kill the bacteria. Instead, have it cleaned professionally. My Guy Services is the local expert in exterior cleaning. Our industry-leading techniques leave your deck fresh and clean, and our soft wash and pressure washing solutions treat the surface of your deck, eradicating bacteria and preventing regrowth.

Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis Communities

We know your home is close to your heart. That’s why you should trust the deck cleaning company in Indianapolis that your neighbors use to clean their decks — My Guy Services. We educate and train our employees on how to properly and carefully complete services such as deck cleaning to exceed your expectations. At My Guy Services, we perform all services with the utmost consideration and thoroughness, from cleaning windows and pressure-washing concrete to soft-washing siding and decks.

Restore Your Deck

Our deck power washing service includes more than just cleaning your deck. We can also help restore your old deck parts. By carefully removing dirt, mildew and mold with the help of our specially formulated detergents, we strip deck parts of their bacterial counterparts.

In addition to restoration, My Guy Services will use the techniques that work best for your deck’s materials. Decks are typically made of either wood or composite, and we have the expertise to clean both properly. Our process ultimately removes any slippery areas, eradicates organic growth and lengthens the life span of your stain or paint. My Guy Service’s soft washing technique is so effective that you can expect this cleaning to last your deck a full year or two.

My Guy Services ensures that your deck cleaning lasts for a longer period of time. Properly selecting the correct stain that you can use to maintain the cleanliness longer. Our cleaning will provide you with a fresh, prepared surface to apply the stain or coating of your choice to ensure great results.

Your deck plays a critical role as a gathering place for family and friends to a relaxing spot to watch the stars. Your deck was made to help you and your family create lifelong memories. Give your deck the maintenance it needs to help you keep making memories. Reach out to My Guy Services for your deck and other exterior cleaning needs today.

Newly Pressure Washed Wooden Deck

Why My Guy Services?

  • Continuous Industry Training
  • State of the Art Technology & Equipment
  • Safety First Mindset On All Projects
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Agents
  • Customer First, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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