My Guy Services offers external commercial cleaning services, including awning cleaning for your patio, retail location or storefront. Our team is professional and works in a timely manner to ensure your visitors see clean, fresh awnings. We use the latest and most effective cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure your awnings always look their best.

To help you get back to business fast, My Guy washes awnings right on the premises. We don’t need to remove them, which makes the process faster and hassle-free for you.

Choosing the Right Awning Cleaning Service

The right awning cleaning service for your Indianapolis business makes your storefront, patio or outdoor area look professional and inviting. It’s important to find a company familiar with awnings because traditional pressure washing can damage awnings, even causing tears and leaks.

My Guy Services uses innovative awning soft washing techniques. This low-pressure wash uses soap to gently wash away debris and stains. Our high-volume method rinses away all residue and leaves your awnings fresh and clean.

Why Focus on Your Awnings?

Your awnings can take up a substantial portion of your storefront or outdoor area, which means they’re often the first things customers and visitors see. Like many businesses, you may have awnings in your business colors or with your company name or logo on the surface of the fabric.

Awnings are an important part of your establishment’s curb appeal. When they’re clean, awnings make your entire property stand out. Customers and visitors may feel more welcome and interested in your business when your awnings present a professional image. First impressions matter, so don’t you deserve to put your best face forward with clean, well-maintained awnings?


awning cleaning before and after

Why My Guy Services?

At My Guy, we stand by our work. In fact, if our work is not up to standard, we’ll pay you. If you’re not happy and let us know, we’ll pay you 10% on top of a refund on your original price. We’re the only cleaning company in Indianapolis to offer this kind of warranty and it’s what makes us the best in our industry.

Our team is carefully trained with in-classroom and on-site instruction so they’re ready to take care of any awning debris or stains. We can handle all your commercial pressure washing and soft washing needs, including your siding, roof, awnings, walkways and more. Contact My Guy to learn more about our services or request an estimate today. 

Why My Guy Services?

  • Continuous Industry Training
  • State of the Art Technology & Equipment
  • Safety First Mindset On All Projects
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Agents
  • Customer First, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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